May the dead code R.I.P

4 Strategies To Remove Dead Code from your Ruby App

It’s easy to believe that just because a feature is available, it is going to be used someday. But let’s face it: some features in production will go completely unnoticed and unused forever, but you still have to maintain them. How much does it cost to carry all this dead code around? After all, to keep these pointless features running, the business has to spend time and money to: keep these features working (maintenance costs) test and deploy them adjust them so they can interact with other features and not cause bugs provide user support and documentation That’s why finding and deleting dead and redundant code is an important step to increasing the code quality of an application, according to M....

6 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Testing Thor Ruby Required Options

Testing Thor Ruby Required Options

Thor Ruby gem is a great tool to quickly build a CLI (Command-line interface) app. Although there are lots of tutorials for building a CLI with Thor from scratch, there aren’t a lot of them on how to test Thor, especially covering scenarios such as required options. Thor makes it easy to specify options and arguments for Thor commands. However, I didn’t find it easy to test them in the documentation....

3 min · Stefanni Brasil
hexdevs podcast episode: How to Open Source with Richard Schneeman

How to Open Source with Richard Schneeman (@schneems)

How to Open Source with Richard Schneeman What does lurking and flossing have to do with contributing to open source? It’s all about sustaining tiny habits. Be a lurker and start small. Read a PR, try to understand what’s going on. Leave a thumbs up 👍 if you like it. This is a very easy way to get started. And build a habit out of that. – schneems How to Open Source: Learn the secrets of successful contributors...

3 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Open Source Thursdays event - Contributing to Ruby Faker with Vitor Oliveira

How does the Faker Ruby Gem Work?

How and when a new version of a Ruby gem is published to RubyGems? Do you know how Faker Ruby generates fake emails, fake phones, fake dates, and fake URLs? Did you ever wonder how a new release of a Ruby gem is published on RubyGems? Or are you interested in contributing to Open Source? If you said yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck! Watch the recording of Open Source Thursdays and you’ll learn all about it....

2 min · Thiago Araujo
Quickly Debug Ruby Gems with Pry, git bisect, and bundler

Guide: Quickly Debug a Ruby Gem with Pry and Git Bisect

Are you trying to debug a Ruby gem but not sure how? Here’s a quick way to debug any Ruby Project using Pry and Git Bisect. When triaging some open issues on Faker, an open-source Ruby gem, I came across Issue #2482. I was able to reproduce the problem. Turns out the bug was already fixed by this PR, but version v2.20.0 was released before that. I thought this would be a great opportunity to show you how I debugged this issue so you can learn some new tricks....

7 min · Thiago Araujo, Stefanni Brasil
Smart Ruby Developers Don't Ask for Advice

Smart Ruby Developers Don’t Ask for Advice. They Do This And Build A Reputation As a Result

If you could run a career quality tool to analyze your progress, would it say you’re moving in the right direction? What score would you get? Here’s the catch: how you think you’re doing and what your teammates think how you’re doing are not the same thing. Want to find out for sure whether you’re moving up the Engineering Ladder anytime soon or not? The only way is by asking for instructive feedback....

5 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
No Idea How to Build a New Feature? 216+ Ruby on Rails Application Examples To Have as a Reference

216+ Ruby on Rails Open Source Applications You Can Use as a Reference

Not sure how to implement a new Ruby on Rails feature? A proper model, controller, migration? Or how to write a test for the code you’re writing? What if you could easily access a massive library of full-blown Ruby on Rails Applications used in the wild and have them as a reference? real-world-rails gives you a list of (173 apps + 43 engines) = 216 Rails Applications you can learn from 💣...

6 min · Thiago Araujo
How to find your Ruby Software Career Path with Mina Slater

How to find your Ruby Software Career Path with Mina Slater

Often as developers, we believe we are supposed to know everything. Just figure everything by ourselves. As long as we get faster and better at coding, our careers will progress smoothly. But if you ask around, you’ll notice that most people are feeling technically stuck, despite years of experience. If you ask for career advice, people will throw you an endless list of complex technical skills to master. That’s not what you’ll find here....

3 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker on the hexdevs podcast

Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker

Are you working on Ruby on Rails Applications that are constantly on fire, overwhelmed by technical debt? Instead of being a firefighter, what if you could be a happy programmer again and “Escape the tar pit”? Learn exactly how to measure tech debt and take the right steps to immediately improve code quality. Listen to our conversation with Ernesto Tagwerker (@etagwerker). Apple Podcasts | Spotify About our guest Ernesto Tagwerker is the founder & CTO at FastRuby....

44 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Just Enough Hotwire for Rails Developers with Chris Oliver Open Source Thursdays

Just Enough Hotwire with Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is the founder of GoRails, JumpStart Rails, Hatchbox and RailsBytes. He is also one of the hosts of the Remote Ruby podcast. Chris showed us how to get started with Hotwire, how to inspect turbo streams. He also answered some questions from the audience, including how to migrate from Webpacker to jsbundling-rails, Websockets performance, and security. Do you want to know how Chris Oliver got so good at building products?...

2 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Open Source Thursdays Expert Guest session with Aaron Patterson (tenderlove)

A Tender Introduction to Ruby Internals with TenderJIT

Aaron Patterson is a Senior Staff Engineer working at Shopify where he is focusing on Ruby core and Rails core development. He joined us on this Open Source Thursdays session to work on a Just-in-time (JIT) compiler for Ruby that’s written in Ruby. With the additional tenderlove we all love 💎 Get the slides for this session here 🖼️ In this post summary, you’ll learn how Ruby’s virtual machine works, CPUs, Execution code, and more....

4 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Green Leafed Trees Below Rainbow

How to Improve Code Quality on a Ruby on Rails Application

Does it take forever to ship even small features on the codebase you’re working on? Is the code hard to understand and maintain? Are projects always running over budget? Are you constantly sacrificing code quality and not paying down technical debt? When you change one feature, does another completely unrelated part of your app stop working? New bugs appear, even though tests never break? 🥵 Those are signs that you are suffering from working on a codebase with low code quality....

7 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Photo by Olha Ruskykh from Pexels

International Pricing for Ruby and Rails Books and Courses

Are you looking for courses, training, and resources to improve your Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills, but you are not being paid in US dollars? Most Ruby and Ruby on Rails books and courses are priced in US dollars. When you can’t afford them just because the country you live in has an undervalued currency compared to the dollar, it makes it difficult to invest in your education. There are many free options you probably already know about, and you’re already using them....

5 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Red lego blocks

How to Learn the Syntax of a Programming Language When You Know How to Code

Are you having a hard time picking up the syntax of a new programming language, even though you know how to code? You’re new to Ruby, and people say it’s an easy language, but you find the syntax difficult to understand. You know a bit of Javascript, Python, Java, or any other language. But Ruby seems like alien technology to you. By the end of this post, you’ll have a tool to help you transfer your knowledge of [INSERT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE HERE] to Ruby....

4 min · Thiago Araujo
A bowl of spaghetti.

Learn Ruby on Rails Best Practices With One Exercise

You want to write smooth professional-looking code. You’re craving some squeaky-clean code. But all you have for lunch every day is a big bowl of legacy spaghetti code. You consider yourself a decent developer, but you’re never sure how to organize a project. How to name things. Where some piece of business logic should live. How can you become a Ruby on Rails expert if the code you read every day stinks?...

6 min · Thiago Araujo
Kids in a classroom looking at you.

New job, new codebase. How do you even get started?

One of my readers asked: How do you get started when you join a new company? How do you add features to a codebase that is massive, scary, and completely new to you? The first day at your new developer job is just like the first day at a new school. 🚸 A sea of stranger’s faces watching your every move. Unfamiliar smells in the hallway. Every chair is uncomfortable and makes weird noises when you sit....

11 min · Thiago Araujo
Bug in a leaf

Getting Started with Pry Debug in 5 minutes

When you’re banging your head against the wall trying to fix a bug, the last thing you want is having to stop and learn how to use the debugging tool. You might even have added require 'pry' on a Ruby file but quickly realized you couldn’t remember all the available commands. If only there was a way for you to quickly learn how to use Pry and focus on solving the problem… Well, there is now!...

4 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo