Expert Guest Session with Fabiano Beselga, Staff Engineer and ex-CTO.

Climb your Way Up to Senior Ruby Dev with Fabiano Beselga

Climb your Way Up to Senior Ruby Dev with Fabiano Beselga Fabiano Beselga is a Staff Software Engineer with several years of experience in making a business successful through leadership and technology. Fabiano was the CTO and cofounder of Magnetis, one of the fastest growing Brazilian fintech startups. He was the CTO of Shore, and is currently designing the technical career track as a Staff Engineer at Kaia Health. In this session, we talked about how to Get to Senior as a mid-career Ruby Developer....

2 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Photo by Olha Ruskykh from Pexels

International Pricing for Ruby and Rails Books and Courses

Are you looking for courses, training, and resources to improve your Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills, but you are not being paid in US dollars? Most Ruby and Ruby on Rails books and courses are priced in US dollars. When you can’t afford them just because the country you live in has an undervalued currency compared to the dollar, it makes it difficult to invest in your education. There are many free options you probably already know about, and you’re already using them....

5 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo