You want to become an awesome Ruby Software developer, but you…

  • Are not sure what next step to take in your career?
  • Want to know how you can make the jump to Senior level?
  • Don’t even consider yourself a professional developer, despite having many years of experience?
  • Don’t feel confident with your leadership and communication skills?
  • Feel like your technical opinion doesn’t carry any weight?
  • Tired of being passed over for a promotion?

Being stuck in any of these situations is frustrating. But it doesn’t have to be!

What if you knew exactly the right next steps to take to become an awesome Software Developer and achieve your career goals?

Become the awesome Software Developer you know you can be

Our ultimate goal is to help you build expertise in a practical way, grow in your career, and become an awesome Ruby developer!

We design and develop exercises and tools backed by research and based on our own professional experience as software developers. As well as our conversations with industry experts.

Here are some cool things we’ve created to help you take your Software Developer career to the next level.

📕 Are you afraid you'll be stuck forever as a mid-level developer?

Sign up for the free Get to Senior Crash Course and take control of your career today!

🚀 Want to get your career to the next level?

Take your career to the next level with Get to Senior, a program to help you make the jump to Senior. Learn from the best, follow proven strategies and become an expert developer.

📕 Don't know how to contribute to Ruby on Rails?

Grab your Free Guide on How to Contribute to Ruby on Rails. Get started today with actionable strategies that you can follow -- in less than 2 hours per week.

📔 Want to Improve Code Quality on a Ruby on Rails Application?

Follow the Ruby on Rails Code Quality Checklist to get started with improving code quality by taking small steps every day.

📓 Want to learn Ruby Best Practices?

Check out Ruby Best Practices to get a list of well-written Ruby codebases and resources to help you extract the best practices.

🐞 Want to improve your debugging skills in 5 minutes?

Read Getting Started with Pry Debug in 5 minutes and grab your Pry Cheat Sheet.

📕 Not sure how to implement a new Ruby on Rails feature?

Listen to 216+ Ruby on Rails Open Source Applications You Can Use as a Reference.

Who’s hexdevs?

Thiago Araujo and Stefanni Brasil, two software engineers. We love teaching, coding, and helping Ruby developers unlock their potential.

We are on a mission to help you become a Ruby expert developer.

hexdevs started in 2019 as a podcast. Since then, we’ve launched Get to Senior, a program to help you take your career to the next level. And other projects such as Open Source Thursdays and Watch Party.

Our goal is to accelerate expertise by helping you become an expert Ruby developer through our training programs and courses. Our methodology is based on scientific research such as Perceptual Learning and Instructional Design.

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At hexdevs we love to create guides, blog posts, podcast episodes, and live sessions to educate as many Ruby developers as possible.

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Want to talk?

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