You want to become a better developer, but you:

  • feel overwhelmed with all the options available (books, tutorials, bootcamps, ending list of things to learn…)
  • think that you’ll never know enough to be able to build that new feature or fix that bug quickly
  • wonder if you will ever finish that project or tutorial you’ve been working on for ages
  • are frustrated that you don’t know what next step to take to become a better developer
  • want to be respected by your peers but don’t know how
  • fear being rejected whenever you want to apply for a job
  • feel bad whenever you fail an interview… If you could just learn the things they want from you, things would be easier.
  • … feel that you’re wasting your life working on things that suck the life out of you.

Wasn’t coding supposed to make you happy? But don’t worry. We’re building a group of like-minded people just like you to support each other.

We can help you!

Here are some cool things we’ve created to help you become an expert developer.

📺 Want to become an expert Open Source Contributor?

Watch How to Contribute to Ruby on Rails with Rafael França.

🐞 Want to improve your debugging skills in 5 minutes?

Read Getting Started with Pry Debug in 5 minutes and grab your Pry Cheat Sheet.

🎧 Want to get more people reading your tech blog?

Listen to Why no one reads your tech blog and how to fix that.

Who’s hexdevs?

We are Thiago Araujo and Stefanni Brasil, two software engineers. We love teaching, coding and helping people.

We are on a mission to help you become an expert developer.

We started hexdevs in 2019 with a podcast. Since then, we’ve started other projects such as Open Source Thursdays and Watch Party.


Want to talk?

  • DM us on Twitter - @hexdevs
  • Email us at team at hexdevs dot com.

Thank you for reading!