Are you looking for courses, training, and resources to improve your Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills, but you are not being paid in US dollars?

Most Ruby and Ruby on Rails books and courses are priced in US dollars. When you can’t afford them just because the country you live in has an undervalued currency compared to the dollar, it makes it difficult to invest in your education.

There are many free options you probably already know about, and you’re already using them. Sometimes you want to learn a very specific skill or need to get up-to-speed on one of the latest tools, and the only available resources are priced in dollars.

Does that mean you can’t have quality education? Of course not!

Did you know that some courses offer Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)? This is a way to discount prices based on your location. Other authors offer discounts for students or people who cannot afford their books and courses.

If you’d like to know which Ruby & Rails products offer a discount adjusted to your local purchasing power, you’ve come to the right place!

Quick Note

We recommend you only ask for a discount if you really, really cannot afford to pay the full price in US dollars. These authors have put a lot of effort, passion and invested years of their lives into building these products so we could all benefit from them.

In case you do get a discount, consider giving back to the community when possible. You could reach out to the author and pay for the next person who asks for a discount in the future.

With that said, here is the list. 👇


The following resources charge a monthly/yearly subscription.


GoRails offers student discounts for those that live in a country where US$19 a month is prohibitively high or the conversion rate is unreasonable. Click here to learn more.

Drifting Ruby

“Drop me a message if you’re going through a rough time or need international pricing. Quality education shouldn’t be blocked by exchange rates or tough times.”@DriftingRuby

Click here to learn more.

Ruby Tapas

While Ruby Tapas (and Graceful.Dev) doesn’t mention PPP on their website, you can pay $5 to get access to the entire archive for 48 hours! Click here to learn more.

One-time fee

The following resources are either books or courses you pay for just once.

“Get to Senior” by hexdevs

We also offer international pricing! Send us an email sharing where you are based at, how did you hear about it, and we’ll get back to you!

Click here to learn more

“Learn Hotwire” and “Rebuilding Instagram” Courses by Andrea Fomera

“I provide a 50% off discount for anyone who needs it, for any of my courses for parity Just have to email me to get the code!”Andrea Fomera

Click here to learn more

“Interactive Rails with StimulusReflex” Courses by Jason Charnes

“If you’re in a spot where you would benefit from this type of discount, please email me with the country you’re in and what would be an equally fair price for the course in your country. I want you to have the opportunity to learn and I’m glad to help do what I can to assist.”Jason Charnes

Click here to learn more

Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails

Sustainable Web Development with Ruby on Rails is a book by David Bryant Copeland. He offers international pricing. Click here to learn more.

Owning Rails

“I offer group discounts if you purchase more than four packages at a time. I also offer educational discounts to students and residents of developing countries.”Marc-André Cournoyer

Click here to learn more

The Pragmatic Studio

“Live in a country where our courses are very expensive? We offer purchasing power parity discounts.”

Click here to learn more

The Ruby on Rails Tutorial by Michael Hartl

“Learn Enough Scholarships are designed for anyone who needs a little help—students, people between jobs, those in countries with cost-prohibitive exchange rates, etc. If this describes you, apply for a scholarship today!”

Click here to learn more.

Rebuilding Rails

Noah Gibbs offers 25% off of any Rebuilding Rails package for people who live outside of the US. Click here to learn more.

99 Bottles of OOP

If you absolutely cannot afford the book “99 Bottles of OOP”, you can send a postcard to the authors and they will email you a free copy. Click here to learn more.

You can follow the discussion on this Twitter thread and reach out to the authors. People also shared many free resources. Thanks to everyone who shared these resources with us!

We put this list together to help our international friends in their Ruby journey. We also want to thank all the authors who invested their time and expertise into creating these products to help our community.

Matz is nice so we are nice! That’s the beauty of the Ruby community <3

PS: make sure you only buy courses that are a good match for your skill level and time constraints.


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