How and when a new version of a Ruby gem is published to RubyGems?

Do you know how Faker Ruby generates fake emails, fake phones, fake dates, and fake URLs?

Did you ever wonder how a new release of a Ruby gem is published on RubyGems? Or are you interested in contributing to Open Source?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then you’re in luck!

Watch the recording of Open Source Thursdays and you’ll learn all about it.

We did a live introduction to the Faker’s gem architecture. Plus, a hands-on demonstration on how to contribute to Open Source Ruby Gems with Vitor Oliveira.

We were joined by Vitor, another core team member of faker-ruby, and we did some live contributions. We also published version 2.23.0 of the gem. It was super fun!

If you didn’t get the chance to watch the live stream, watch the recording below:

Let’s Faker Together: how faker-ruby works

We know how important it is to have clear issues to work on and to receive timely feedback on your Pull Requests. Also, getting a bit of guidance and encouragement can’t hurt either! We hope we were able to inspire you to contribute to Open Source.

Quick Summary

Here’s a quick summary of what’s in the video:

  • How Faker generates fake data for emails, phones, URLs, etc.
  • Ruby Gem Architecture Overview
  • Easy ways to contribute to Ruby Open Source Projects
  • Picking Issues, Opening new PRs, and Code Reviews


  • 2 Pull Requests were merged live: #2552 and #2553
  • Created a new release (v2.23.0) and published it to RubyGems
  • Opened issue #2554: add GitHub Action to release new versions automatically

Stay tuned for more live coding events from hexdevs soon.

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Open Source Thursdays

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