Step 1: Decide to find one open-source project to contribute 😎

Step 2: Keep looking 👀

Step 3: They are all intimidating, is that normal? 😑

Step 4: What if I contributed to a project I have lots of experience with, like Ruby on Rails? I’d love to understand more about this tool I use every day 🤔

Step 5: OMG, the code is huge and scary, Will this even run on my machine? 🥴

Step 6: This is not for me. Eventually, I’ll find one that is more welcoming to open source beginners like me 😔

Step 7: That never happens. You will try again after next year’s Railsconf.

If you ever get to the rails repository hoping to contribute you see +384 open issues. Which one should you pick? How do people even get started? Even worse: they all seem pretty hard.

If this daunting feeling is familiar to you, welcome to the club my friend because we know how it feels like. We can help you!

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  • tips & tricks from our experience navigating the codebase
  • bits on how to ask for code reviews & feedback

This is your Ruby on Rails Contribution Onboarding Buddy 🤗

The lessons are tips from our experience with contributing to Ruby on Rails for the first time on the Open Source Thursdays sessions. And our sessions with Rails experts, such as Rafael França, Aaron Patterson (tenderlove), and Chris Oliver.

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