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Monica Lent

Taking the Leap Into Entrepreneurship With Monica Lent

Monica Lent is a software engineer and entrepreneur. She decided to quit her job and bootstrap Affilimate full-time. She also created Blogging for Devs, a paid community to help developers grow their technical blogs with SEO. Apple Podcasts | Spotify Show Notes Monica Lent鈥檚 website Affilimate Blogging for Devs Monica鈥檚 Income Report Amy Hoy鈥檚 post about content marketing Sign up for our email list Transcript Stefanni Brasil: [00:00:10] Our guest today is Monica Lent....

April 26, 2021 路 39 min 路 Stefanni Brasil
Dev to Founder

My Dev to Founder Journey: Plan. Execute. Finish

In the previous episode, I shared the details behind shipping Spark your Runway with FIRE. A guide to planning for your financial independence so you can retire early, or build your runway to go full-time on your products, sooner! Today鈥檚 episode is going to be about sticking to the original plan. Course-correction Although I loved shipping Spark your Runway with FIRE, I ended slipping away from my big goal....

March 22, 2021 路 3 min 路 Stefanni Brasil
Unusual Tech Jobs with Brian Hall

Unusual Tech Jobs with Brian Hall

Brian David Hall is an expert in conversion optimization. He鈥檚 a software engineer by training, runs his own company, and is the host of the SaaS Experiments Podcast, where he talks to other experts in growth marketing. We talked about the unusual tech jobs he鈥檚 had that helped him learn other skills beyond coding. Apple Podcasts | Spotify You can use your skills in other areas like Marketing and Sales to transition to a tech job instead of throwing away your current expertise....

March 10, 2021 路 33 min 路 Thiago Araujo
Dev to Founder

My Dev to Founder Journey: Start small. Build up. Keep Shipping.

In the previous episode, I shared why I decided to choose an audience that I belong to: Rails Developers. Recently, I took a small detour from my 30x500 journey. This detour is what I鈥檒l be talking more about on this episode! Let鈥檚 go! Spark your Runway with FIRE Two weeks ago, I published a guide called Spark your Runway with FIRE! It鈥檚 a pay-what-you-want guide about building up your runway so you can go independent on your own products, sooner....

March 8, 2021 路 4 min 路 Stefanni Brasil
Dev to Founder

My Dev to Founder Journey: Painstorming Results

Welcome to the 4th episode of Dev to Founder! In the previous episode, I shared why I decided to choose an audience that I belong to. You can listen to the episode to learn more about this process. My audience is Ruby Developers and I set the goal of doing Sales Safari/Painstorming sessions to explore what they need, want, and buy. And that鈥檚 exactly what I did! Painstorming my audience watering holes Watering holes is a a term from 30x500 and it鈥檚 where your audience hangs out online....

February 22, 2021 路 3 min 路 Stefanni Brasil
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Why Michael Lynch Left His Job at Google to Become a Solo Founder

Michael Lynch is a software developer and blogger. He used to work as a software engineer at Google, but he decided to quit and now he鈥檚 a solo founder, and blogs about his experience. Michael has recently launched the course Hit The Front Page of Hacker News Course. The course teaches everything he has learned about Hacker News after getting many of his original blog posts to hit the front page....

February 16, 2021 路 1 min 路 Thiago Araujo
Dev to Founder

My Dev to Founder Journey: Starting Again

Welcome to the 3rd episode of Dev to Founder! In the latest episode, I forgot to share a huge milestone to me. As you may remember, I was doing CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy sessions. My therapist said I don鈥檛 need regular sessions anymore! This is big news and it鈥檚 incredible to see how much I learned with those sessions. I still have lots of automatic negative thoughts but trust me, having the techniques that help me handle them on my own is priceless....

February 9, 2021 路 3 min 路 Stefanni Brasil
Mobile app screen showing how to start your business on Shopify

Growing a Micro-SaaS to 30K MRR and 20K Users with DelightChat

We had a great time chatting with Preetam Nath and Sankalp Jonna, the co-founders of SuperLemon and DelightChat. They started a micro-SaaS in 2019. After about 14 months, they grew the monthly recurring revenue to $30,000. More than 20,000 merchants are using their product on the Shopify App Store, which is completely insane! DelightChat is a customer support tool for small and medium-sized e-commerces. The great thing about their story is that they鈥檙e not just building a business, but building a life on top of that business....

February 2, 2021 路 2 min 路 Thiago Araujo
Dev to Founder

My Dev to Founder Journey: Sales Safari on Shopify

Welcome back to Dev to Founder! In the first episode, I committed to sharing my Shopify market research findings and hopefully have chosen a problem to work on. Spoiler: I did not choose a problem yet but I have interesting data that will guide me into making this decision pretty soon! Regarding The Plant-Based Diet Club, I am happy to share that the 5-Day Plant-based Diet Email Challenge is going to be launched this Saturday!...

January 20, 2021 路 5 min 路 Stefanni Brasil
Dev to Founder

My Dev to Founder Journey: The beginning

What is Dev to Founder? Hey there! I am Stefanni and Dev to Founder is a new project where I share my trajectory from being a developer to bootstrapping a business for the first time! From never having sold anything online to getting my first paying customers. Although I am sharing my lessons to help you with my experience, it鈥檚 also a public commitment to push myself to ship things....

January 5, 2021 路 7 min 路 Stefanni Brasil