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The Surprising Way to Become a Senior Software Developer with Caroline Salib

“I had a huge list of the technical things I needed to learn for this new position and turns out none of them was missing for me to get to Senior. I need to do some leadership work, do more mentoring, and is a matter of time. But now I know what to do and I know what to focus on. And that was really surprising. I don’t need to spend hours studying programming” – Caroline Salib....

3 min Â· Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Smart Ruby Developers Don't Ask for Advice

Smart Ruby Developers Don’t Ask for Advice. They Do This And Build A Reputation As a Result

If you could run a career quality tool to analyze your progress, would it say you’re moving in the right direction? What score would you get? Here’s the catch: how you think you’re doing and what your teammates think how you’re doing are not the same thing. Want to find out for sure whether you’re moving up the Engineering Ladder anytime soon or not? The only way is by asking for instructive feedback....

5 min Â· Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Expert Guest Session with Fabiano Beselga, Staff Engineer and ex-CTO.

Climb your Way Up to Senior Ruby Dev with Fabiano Beselga

Climb your Way Up to Senior Ruby Dev with Fabiano Beselga Fabiano Beselga is a Staff Software Engineer with several years of experience in making a business successful through leadership and technology. Fabiano was the CTO and cofounder of Magnetis, one of the fastest growing Brazilian fintech startups. He was the CTO of Shore, and is currently designing the technical career track as a Staff Engineer at Kaia Health. In this session, we talked about how to Get to Senior as a mid-career Ruby Developer....

2 min Â· Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
How to find your Ruby Software Career Path with Mina Slater

How to find your Ruby Software Career Path with Mina Slater

Often as developers, we believe we are supposed to know everything. Just figure everything by ourselves. As long as we get faster and better at coding, our careers will progress smoothly. But if you ask around, you’ll notice that most people are feeling technically stuck, despite years of experience. If you ask for career advice, people will throw you an endless list of complex technical skills to master. That’s not what you’ll find here....

3 min Â· Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Public Speaking Tips for Software Developers

How to Create and Deliver a Technical Talk as a Software Developer

Everyone says delivering a technical talk is a great opportunity to connect with people, build your reputation, create opportunities to grow your career. In one of the lessons of Get to Senior, we even recommend people to not simply don’t go to meetups… but to talk at meetups! But, when you finally decide to do it, the fear of tackling public speaking pops up. Is public speaking even a required skill for a Software Engineer?...

12 min Â· Stefanni Brasil
Unhappy as a Developer? How Not To Be Miserable with Dr. Randy Paterson

Unhappy as a Developer? How Not To Be Miserable with Dr. Randy Paterson

Do you suffer from Slack notification anxiety? On-call schedules and deadlines giving you nightmares? Are your teammates nitpicking your code during code review? Instead of quitting your job out of frustration and having to go through another round of technical interviews, what if you knew how to have a great relationship with your work? Learn how to deal with imposter syndrome, unrealistic deadlines, and stop communicating passive-aggressively today! Communicate effectively with your team and finish the day feeling good about what you’ve accomplished....

60 min Â· Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Kids in a classroom looking at you.

New job, new codebase. How do you even get started?

One of my readers asked: How do you get started when you join a new company? How do you add features to a codebase that is massive, scary, and completely new to you? The first day at your new developer job is just like the first day at a new school. 🚸 A sea of stranger’s faces watching your every move. Unfamiliar smells in the hallway. Every chair is uncomfortable and makes weird noises when you sit....

11 min Â· Thiago Araujo