“I had a huge list of the technical things I needed to learn for this new position and turns out none of them was missing for me to get to Senior. I need to do some leadership work, do more mentoring, and is a matter of time. But now I know what to do and I know what to focus on. And that was really surprising. I don’t need to spend hours studying programming” – Caroline Salib.

Are you an experienced software developer and don’t know how to get promoted to Senior level? Have you been trying to master one technical skill after the other and still not sure how to make the jump to Senior?

In this episode, we talk about the non-obvious skills experienced software developers miss when trying to make the jump to Senior – and how to get out of the technical trap that is keeping them stuck in the mid-career level.

Listen to our conversation with Caroline Salib to learn how she is taking control of her career and being on the path to Senior level.

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About our guest

Caroline is a super talented Ruby Software Developer. She is passionate about code quality, automated tests, and open-source projects. She loves the feeling of fixing broken things and building software that will have value to others.

We talked about her experience publishing a gem for the first time, and learning C. We also talked about her “spread” experience as a Software Developer. With more than 10 years of experience, she wasn’t sure what she was missing to become a Senior Software Developer.

Carol shares the struggles of changing backgrounds from .NET, to PHP and then to Ruby. And the importance of being kind to ourselves, being comfortable with being uncomfortable, and how to embrace our mistakes.

Caroline told us how she is changing the direction of her career. By doing challenging things, taking action, and being the person who chooses to fix the problem instead of complaining about them.

Show Notes

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