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Loofah and cleaning supplies. Photo by Los Muertos Crew
Ruby, Open Source, RSpec

Ruby HTML Sanitization with Loofah

Need to do some HTML sanitization, but Rails ActionView Sanitize Helpers are not good enough? Read this post to learn how to do it with Loofah.

Stefanni Brasil
Fork me on GitHub
git, Open Source

Fetch a Pull Request from a branch you don't own

Fetching Pull Requests from Open Source projects just got easier!

Stefanni Brasil
Fixing Thread-Safety Bugs with Nate Berkopec
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Software Development, Open Source

Fixing Thread Safety Bugs With Nate Berkopec

Can you tell if a Ruby gem is really thread-safe or not? And how do you fix a seemingly thread-safety issue that can be something else entirely?

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
May the dead code R.I.P
ruby, ruby on rails, code quality, software design, best practices

4 Strategies To Remove Dead Code from your Ruby App

How much does it cost you to carry dead code? How do you find and remove zombie Ruby code? Use these 4 strategies to kill out all the dead code in your Ruby application.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Building Technical Wealth and Improving Legacy Code with M. Scott Ford
software development, podcast, code quality

Building Technical Wealth and Improving Legacy Code with M. Scott Ford

Are you working on Ruby on Rails Applications that are constantly on fire, overwhelmed by technical debt? What if you were building Technical Wealth instead? Learn which tools and strategies to work with legacy code effectively, remove dead code, and leave tech debt behind.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Testing Thor Ruby Required Options
ruby, tests, rspec, thor

Testing Thor Ruby Required Options

There are lots of tutorials for building a CLI with Thor from scratch, but there aren't a lot of them on how to test Thor, especially covering scenarios such as required options. Learn how to test Thor Ruby options.

Stefanni Brasil
hexdevs podcast episode: How to Open Source with Richard Schneeman
Ruby on Rails, Ruby, Open Source

How to Open Source with Richard Schneeman (@schneems)

What does lurking and flossing have to do with contributing to open source? It's all about sustaining tiny habits. Learn how to use tiny habits to go from coder to contributor.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
How to RSpec a Rails JSON API responses with Jbuilder
ruby on rails, tests, rspec, jbuilder

How to RSpec a Jbuilder response from a Rails JSON API

Want to write a Rails API controller test and make sure it includes exactly what your Jbuilder serializer returns? You need to enable `render_views`. Learn why in this post.

Stefanni Brasil
Open Source Thursdays event - Contributing to Ruby Faker with Vitor Oliveira
Ruby on Rails, Expert Sessions, Ruby, Open Source Thursdays

How does the Faker Ruby Gem Work?

How does the Faker Ruby gem work? How do you contribute to an Open Source Ruby project? Know exactly how by watching us do it live!

Thiago Araujo
hexdevs podcast interview art cover
software development, career, get to senior, podcast

The Surprising Way to Become a Senior Software Developer with Caroline Salib

What to do when you've been doing one technical course after the other, and still not making the jump to Senior? What are the non-obvious skills you need to be promoted to Senior? Listen to our conversation with Caroline Salib on how to identify the non-obvious skills to get promoted to Senior Software Developer -- and it's not another technical course.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
A person reading a bunch of books
perceptual learning, deliberate practice, early career devs

What books on Ruby should I read when trying to move from Junior to Intermediate Developer?

Want to avoid going through lots of frustration when self-learning Ruby or any other programming skills? In this post, I'm going to share a few tools for your self-learning technical practice toolkit and get the most out of your continuous technical practice.

Stefanni Brasil
Waves black and white pattern
ruby on rails, SQL

How to Write a Clean Order By Case Query with Arel on Rails

Do you need to write a complicated order by query on your Rails app? Here's how you can write an Order By Case Statement using Arel and keep things clean and reusable.

Thiago Araujo
Quickly Debug Ruby Gems with Pry, git bisect, and bundler
Open Source, ruby, ruby on rails, guides

Guide: Quickly Debug a Ruby Gem with Pry and Git Bisect

A quick guide to help you debug a Third-Party Ruby Gem using `bundle open`, `pry`, and `git bisect`.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Smart Ruby Developers Don't Ask for Advice
software development, ruby on rails, ruby, career

Smart Ruby Developers Don’t Ask for Advice. They Do This And Build A Reputation As a Result

Want to find out for sure whether you’re moving up the Engineering Ladder anytime soon or not? Instead of asking for advice, ask for Instructive Feedback. Here's how.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
No Idea How to Build a New Feature? 216+ Ruby on Rails Application Examples To Have as a Reference
ruby, ruby on rails, software design, best practices

216+ Ruby on Rails Open Source Applications You Can Use as a Reference

Have no idea how to implement a new Ruby on Rails feature? Or a Rails model? A migration? How to write a test? Here's how to effectively use 200+ Ruby on Rails Applications as a reference for implementing the most common things you need as a Ruby developer.

Thiago Araujo
How to find your Ruby Software Career Path with Mina Slater
software development, career, public speaking, ruby, podcast

How to find your Ruby Software Career Path with Mina Slater

Have you ever reflected on your career goals as a Software Developer? How often do you talk with someone who’s doing the kind of work you want to be doing? Find out how Mina Slater created her own role by taking advantage of her theater management background and expanding the impact of her work.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Public Speaking Tips for Software Developers
career, public speaking, technical talks, meetups

How to Create and Deliver a Technical Talk as a Software Developer

Wanna deliver a technical talk but don't know what to talk about, how to get started, and how to tackle public speaking as a software developer? Learn how to create a short tech talk following a step-by-step recipe that only takes 20 minutes. Plus, public speaking tips, how to reuse the content later, and keep practicing your public speaking skills!

Stefanni Brasil
The 1 Mistake Keeping Mid-Career Developers Stuck in a Loop — And How to Break Free
software development

The 1 Mistake Keeping Mid-Career Developers Stuck in a Loop

Are you stuck as a mid-level developer? Trying to keep practicing after work, but don't feel like you're learning anything? What if you knew the next steps for you to make the jump to Senior? Learn how to save time and energy by doing one thing differently today.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Unhappy as a Developer? How Not To Be Miserable with Dr. Randy Paterson
software development, career, podcast

Unhappy as a Developer? How Not To Be Miserable with Dr. Randy Paterson

Do you suffer from Slack notification anxiety? On-call schedules and deadlines giving you nightmares? Learn how to deal with conflict at work and in relationships with Dr. Randy Paterson, author of The Assertiveness Workbook.

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker on the hexdevs podcast
ruby, ruby on rails, software design, code quality, best practices, podcast

Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker

Are you working on Ruby on Rails Applications that are constantly on fire, overwhelmed by technical debt? Instead of being a firefighter, what if you could be a happy programmer again? Listen and learn exactly how to measure tech debt and take the right steps to immediately improve code quality!

Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo