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Unhappy as a Developer? How Not To Be Miserable with Dr. Randy Paterson

Unhappy as a Developer? How Not To Be Miserable with Dr. Randy Paterson

Do you suffer from Slack notification anxiety? On-call schedules and deadlines giving you nightmares? Are your teammates nitpicking your code during code review? Instead of quitting your job out of frustration and having to go through another round of technical interviews, what if you knew how to have a great relationship with your work? Learn how to deal with imposter syndrome, unrealistic deadlines, and stop communicating passive-aggressively today! Communicate effectively with your team and finish the day feeling good about what you’ve accomplished....

60 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker on the hexdevs podcast

Ruby Code Quality with Ernesto Tagwerker

Are you working on Ruby on Rails Applications that are constantly on fire, overwhelmed by technical debt? Instead of being a firefighter, what if you could be a happy programmer again and “Escape the tar pit”? Learn exactly how to measure tech debt and take the right steps to immediately improve code quality. Listen to our conversation with Ernesto Tagwerker (@etagwerker). Apple Podcasts | Spotify About our guest Ernesto Tagwerker is the founder & CTO at FastRuby....

44 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Just Enough Hotwire for Rails Developers with Chris Oliver Open Source Thursdays

Just Enough Hotwire with Chris Oliver

Chris Oliver is the founder of GoRails, JumpStart Rails, Hatchbox and RailsBytes. He is also one of the hosts of the Remote Ruby podcast. Chris showed us how to get started with Hotwire, how to inspect turbo streams. He also answered some questions from the audience, including how to migrate from Webpacker to jsbundling-rails, Websockets performance, and security. Is Hotwire going to become popular? Chris says is going to take a while....

2 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Open Source Thursdays Expert Guest session with Aaron Patterson (tenderlove)

A Tender Introduction to Ruby Internals with TenderJIT

Aaron Patterson is a Senior Staff Engineer working at Shopify where he is focusing on Ruby core and Rails core development. He joined us on this Open Source Thursdays session to work on a Just-in-time (JIT) compiler for Ruby that’s written in Ruby. With the additional tenderlove we all love 💎 Get the slides for this session here 🖼️ In this post summary, you’ll learn how Ruby’s virtual machine works, CPUs, Execution code, and more....

4 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
hexdevs The Science of Expertise Series image cover

The Science of Expertise (Part II): A Better Way to Practice Ruby with Deliberate Practice

This article is the second part of the Science of Expertise series. Before reading along, read The Science of Expertise: introduction to Perceptual Learning. the resources mentioned in this series is also found at the end. A Better Way to Practice Ruby: Deliberate Practice Perceptual Learning results are promising. Unfortunately, no research has been made for programming yet. In this article, you’ll learn what we apply from what’s been published regarding Perceptual Learning in several domains....

5 min · Stefanni Brasil
hexdevs The Science of Expertise Series image cover

The Science of Expertise (Part I): Introduction to Perceptual Learning

How do you become an expert? Why some Ruby developers can’t explain what they know? Why some developers don’t develop expert skills? What does it mean to be a Ruby expert? To discuss these questions, we’ll explore Perceptual Learning (PL) research. PL is a natural learning process that complements traditional Education. It accelerates expertise by speeding pattern recognition, intuition and fluency on a given subject. Ever since I found out about Perceptual Learning in the book “Badass - Making users awesome”, from Kathy Sierra, I got really curious to learn more about the science behind Perceptual Learning....

7 min · Stefanni Brasil
How To Build a Developer Portfolio and Be Stuck Forever

How to Build a Developer Portfolio And Be Stuck Forever

“Can you help me build out my developer portfolio?” It’s the first question early-career developers ask when they book a mentoring call with me. They’ve been struggling to find their first developer job. They read an article or a friend tells them they should be focusing on building their tech portfolio. Or they just decided to follow generic advice on the internet. I’ve been mentoring people for many years, and the portfolio question is the first thing they ask me....

5 min · Thiago Araujo
Green Leafed Trees Below Rainbow

How to Improve Code Quality on a Ruby on Rails Application

Does it take forever to ship even small features on the codebase you’re working on? Is the code hard to understand and maintain? Are projects always running over budget? Are you constantly sacrificing code quality and not paying down technical debt? When you change one feature, does another completely unrelated part of your app stop working? New bugs appear, even though tests never break? 🥵 Those are signs that you are suffering from working on a codebase with low code quality....

7 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Photo by Olha Ruskykh from Pexels

International Pricing for Ruby and Rails Books and Courses

Are you looking for courses, training, and resources to improve your Ruby and Ruby on Rails skills, but you are not being paid in US dollars? Most Ruby and Ruby on Rails books and courses are priced in US dollars. When you can’t afford them just because the country you live in has an undervalued currency compared to the dollar, it makes it difficult to invest in your education. There are many free options you probably already know about, and you’re already using them....

5 min · Stefanni Brasil, Thiago Araujo
Red lego blocks

How to Learn the Syntax of a Programming Language When You Know How to Code

Are you having a hard time picking up the syntax of a new programming language, even though you know how to code? You’re new to Ruby, and people say it’s an easy language, but you find the syntax difficult to understand. You know a bit of Javascript, Python, Java, or any other language. But Ruby seems like alien technology to you. By the end of this post, you’ll have a tool to help you transfer your knowledge of [INSERT PROGRAMMING LANGUAGE HERE] to Ruby....

4 min · Thiago Araujo