Did you always want to contribute to Open Source projects but can’t get past getting overwhelmed and feeling scared when looking at a big project just by yourself?

Open Source Thursdays is one of our projects where we aim to contribute to Open Source projects by doing live stream sessions.

The initial plan was to contribute to Ruby on Rails and to do everything live, with little or no preparation in advance. Just the real work of navigating a large codebase!

Since then, the project has grown. We partnered up with Shopify and GoRails to host Expert Guest sessions.

These sessions are designed to provide you access to Ruby experts and learn more than Ruby!

How do experts navigate big projects? How do they think? How do they get unstuck? Yep, even experts get stuck 🤓

Open Source Thursdays Sessions

Expert Sessions

Learn how to contribute to Open Source project by seeing experts coding live and answering questions from the community.

We’ve had Rafael França, Aaron Patterson (@tenderlove), and Chris Oliver as our expert guests:

Contributing to Ruby on Rails with hexdevs

Learn from our experience doing the real work of navigating a large code base like Rails for the first time. If someone like us can do it, so can you! 😉