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Becoming a Solo Founder for the first time

Learn why Michael Lynch decided to quit his job at Google to run his own online businesses, his Financial Independence goals and the experience of launching an online course.

Michael Lynch is a software developer and blogger. He used to work as a software engineer at Google, but he decided to quit and now he’s a solo founder, and blogs about his experience.

Michael has recently launched the course Hit The Front Page of Hacker News Course. The course teaches everything he has learned about Hacker News after getting many of his original blog posts to hit the front page. It covers the site’s unique culture, how to choose topics, improving your writing, and what to do if your submission fails.

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In the last twelve months, over 80% of his blog posts have hit the front page, and four of them shot all the way to the #1 slot. His $15k/mo business owes its success to an effective launch on Hacker News.

So make sure to check out Hit the Front Page of Hacker News if you want to get better at blogging and get more traffic from it.

Listen to the full episode to learn more about the backstage process of going solo founder and achieving financial independence by running your own businesses.