We had a great time chatting with Preetam Nath and Sankalp Jonna, the co-founders of SuperLemon and DelightChat.

They started a micro-SaaS in 2019. After about 14 months, they grew the monthly recurring revenue to $30,000. More than 20,000 merchants are using their product on the Shopify App Store, which is completely insane!

DelightChat is a customer support tool for small and medium-sized e-commerces.

The great thing about their story is that they’re not just building a business, but building a life on top of that business. They created a profitable business that supports their lifestyle, giving them a lot of flexibility. They also get to help thousands of Shopify merchants in the process.

They were able to do it by themselves, Sankalp was the only engineer on the team, and they never had to raise any money.

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  • Do market research before writing any line of code
  • Being a little “impatient” with growth is a good thing for a founder
  • How they scaled the app to 20k users with a team of 2 people (1 engineer) by using the Keep It Simple Silly (KISS) principle
  • How distribution is the most important thing for a micro-SaaS and why they decided to target the Shopify marketplace
  • How they prioritize features and make their customers happy while having a very lean team
  • How to acquire customers every day for the next year
  • Why you should build a business that allows you to have Freedom and live a good life
  • Did they ever receive an offer to be acquired or to get VC funding?