Do you feel like you’re an experienced developer… But not enough to make the jump to Senior?

Are you afraid you’ll be stuck forever as an intermediate developer?

With so many years of experience, it’s gotta be enough to have some Senior-level skills to show for it, right?

Well, not really. You still have tons of technical courses to finish before you even consider calling yourself a “mid-senior” developer.

But just thinking about all those technical courses and books on your to-do list is overwhelming.

It seems the only thing you can do is to keep doing a great job finishing tickets. And hoping your boss notices. 🤷

Are you stuck on projects that aren’t getting you to the “next level”?

If only you could practice Senior-level skills on the job… but you don’t even feel confident raising your hand at technical discussions. Nothing that puts you in the spotlight.

Yes, you do have many years of experience. But if you were taking the lead on challenging projects and making a positive impact on your team, you would be growing so much faster. You just don’t know HOW.

But what if you had endless growth opportunities? What if you could finish every day feeling productive and happy about all the progress you’ve made in your career?

What if you knew exactly how to get your Software Engineering skills to the next level?

Take control of your career and know exactly the next steps to take.

Instead of trying to figure out on your own what you are missing, learn from expert Software developers who got to Senior level and built an admirable reputation.

Imagine leading important projects and delivering highly impactful work. Owning a codebase and being a respected expert. Being someone other developers look up to and want to work with.

Testimonial from our students about the cohort

Start delivering Senior-level work –regardless of your current title.

Imagine sharpening your skills every day. In the job, outside of the job, it doesn’t matter. You’re a lifelong learner: always sharpening your software skills.

Feel challenged, motivated, and supported. Put into practice the strategies other developers have successfully applied to Get to Senior level.

Take ownership of your career and feel supported when embracing the new challenges.

You will be moving up the engineering ladder with a strong skill set, and creating endless opportunities for yourself.

Real Stories of Ruby Developers Who Got to Senior (and beyond)

Take your career to the next level with Get to Senior - Case Study Interviews with a select group of Ruby professionals.

Follow their proven strategies to become respected professionals and create admirable careers.

How did they get to Senior level? What did they do when they were in your position? How did they keep their skills sharp? What kind of opportunities did they create for themselves? What can you learn from people far ahead of you?

Forget generic advice. No more endless lists of random technical books to read.

Watch how these people faced stagnation in their careers. How they made mistakes and overcame them by manufacturing their opportunities.

Then, you’ll know you can create your Path to Senior.

Draw Your Map to Senior

Put into practice the strategies from the case studies and map out your Path to Senior.

Follow lessons, guided exercises, and worksheets designed for you to:

  • Set your goals and take advantage of your strengths
  • Get instructive feedback from your manager and peers, and have a clear path forward
  • Find golden opportunities to stand out
  • Practice both technical and leadership skills on the job
  • Sharpen your skills by delivering Senior-level work
  • Share your progress and impress your team
Testimonial from Get to Senior cohort

Case Study Interviews with Ruby Developers

Tired of not knowing what to do next? You don’t have to figure everything out by yourself. Learn from the best! 📺

We recorded interviews with a curated list of expert Ruby developers. No advice. No fluff. Real stories only.

We picked these Ruby developers just for you

Find out why Noah Gibbs (author of Rebuilding Rails and Mastering Software Technique) thinks that focusing only on technical skills isn’t enough to get you to Senior.

Learn how Aaron “tenderlove” Patterson (Ruby and Rails Core Teams, Senior Staff Engineer) kept his skills sharp and built his reputation.

Get the strategies used by Brittany Martin (host of The Ruby On Rails Podcast, Engineering Lead) to get out of a career plateau when she was a mid-career Ruby developer.

Learn how Rafael França (Rails Core Team, Principal Engineer) became the #1 Ruby on Rails contributor, and the most respected Ruby developer on his team very early in his career.

We also interviewed these excellent folks:

  • Chris Oliver (GoRails founder, co-host of the Remote Ruby Podcast)
  • Jemma Issroff (co-host of The Ruby on Rails Podcast, author of Ruby Gargabe Collection in Under Two Hours)
  • Ulisses Almeida (ex-Plataformatec, author of Learn Functional Programming with Elixir)
  • Leonardo Faria (Senior Technical Architect)
  • Pat Maddox (Ruby Steps, Senior Software Developer)
  • Gui Vieira (ex-business owner, Senior Software Developer)

Do you have a diverse background? Then you will love the stories of our guests. They come from a variety of backgrounds: Bootcamp graduates, Computer Science graduates, and self-taught developers. Some of them were recently promoted to Senior, others are long-time Senior, Lead, Staff, or Principal Engineers.

There are infinite opportunities to elevate your career and build your Path to Senior. Prepare yourself to choose what’s best for you and accelerate your expertise.

Get to Senior

We have two plans for you to choose from:

Basic Plan: $149

In this offer, you’ll get:

  • 8 Modules, 8 Guided Exercises, 4 Tips & Tricks: Action-packed lessons to help you make the jump to Senior!
  • 2 Challenges: Challenge yourself to do Senior-level tasks and stand out from the competition
  • 10 Case Study Video Interviews: Identify the strategies you can follow and assess gaps in your skills.
  • Guided Exercises and Worksheets: Put these strategies into practice and map out your Path to Senior.
  • Access to the “Get to Senior” Community Forum and our Discord Server: Connect with other Ruby developers on the Senior developer path. Be part of an awesome community of like-minded developers who want to grow with you.
  • Lifetime updates

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Serious Plan (cohort): $499

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In this offer, you’ll get:

  • Everything on the Basic Plan: All the resources included in the self-paced course
  • Weekly Live Office Hours: Support and Accountability group calls. Bring your questions, share your wins, and get support and feedback.
  • Notion Templates: You’ll get these five actionable beautifully designed Notion templates:
    • 1:1 Scripts for Instructive Feedback
    • Get to Senior Workbook
    • Draw your Map to Senior Workbook
    • Habits Building for Technical Practice
    • Brag About Your Work Template

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