Are you afraid you’ll be stuck forever as an intermediate developer?

When you ask for advice on how you can level up to become a Senior, people throw you an endless list of complex technical skills that you have to learn to get to Senior.

Ruby on Rails internals, Scaling, DevOps, Kubernetes, Testing, OOP, Database Optimization…

Oh yeah, not to mention the leadership and management skills you also have to develop on top of that.

Which one do you focus on first? How long will it take you to master everything they say you should know before you even feel confident that you’re on track to become a Senior developer?

If only you could practice Senior-level skills on the job… but how can you do that if you are always relegated to fixing bugs and saddled with the little things. Nothing that puts you out of your comfort zone.

Yes, you do have years of experience. But if you worked on challenging and inspiring technical projects and made a big impact on your team, you would be growing so much faster. You just don’t know HOW.

But what if you had endless opportunities for technical growth? What if you could finish every day feeling confident you’re making consistent progress in your career?

What if you knew exactly how to get your Software Engineering skills to the next level?

Take control of your career and know exactly the next steps to take. Draw your own path to Senior, taking advantage of your skills.

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