Are you afraid you’ll be stuck forever as an intermediate developer?

Do you feel like you’re an experienced developer… But not enough to make the jump to Senior?

Are you afraid you’ll be stuck forever as an intermediate developer?

With so many years of experience, it’s gotta be enough to have some Senior-level skills to show for it, right?

Well, not really. You still have tons of technical courses to finish before you even consider calling yourself a “mid-senior” developer.

But just thinking about all those technical courses and books on your to-do list is overwhelming.

It seems the only thing you can do is to keep doing a great job finishing tickets. And hoping your boss notices. 🤷

Are you stuck on projects that aren’t getting you to the “next level”?

If only you could practice Senior-level skills on the job… but you don’t even feel confident raising your hand at technical discussions. Nothing that puts you in the spotlight.

Yes, you do have many years of experience. But if you were taking the lead on challenging projects and making a positive impact on your team, you would be growing so much faster. You just don’t know HOW.

But what if you had endless growth opportunities? What if you could finish every day feeling productive and happy about all the progress you’ve made in your career?

What if you knew exactly how to get your Software Engineering skills to the next level?

Take control of your career and know exactly the next steps to take. Draw your own path to Senior, taking advantage of your skills.

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