All those amazing tech talks sitting on your Watch Later list. Sounds more like a Never Watch list, right? ⌛🤭🤷‍♀️

So many great tech talks to learn from but you simply can’t find the time to watch them.

Plus, you get distracted and have to rewind the video several times. A 30 minutes talk easily turns into a 45 minutes one!

What if you had a time every month to sit down and watch a great tech talk with friends?

What if you had a scheduled time every month to improve your software developer skills? You’d feel so good about yourself.

Even better: imagine having a fun group of Ruby developers to watch talks together, and having someone else to talk about them.

Just show up and enjoy the talk.

Watching technical talks is one way to consciously improve your coding skills

In “Why Don’t Students Like School?”, Cognitive scientist Daniel T. Wilingham, says:

Undertaking activities for the sake of improvement, even if they don’t directly contribute to your job, is one way to consciously improve your performance.

Hexdevs Watch Party 📺

Join the hexdevs Watch Party and say hi to your new friends! 😌

We get together online, watch a tech talk, and we share our insights with the group afterwards.

Leave the session with a list of new cool tricks to use at your job next Monday.

How does it work?

Here’s the Agenda:

  • Welcome
  • Introduce yourself in 30 seconds. Video or chat (up to you)
  • Pre-watch questions
  • Watch the talk
  • 5-min break
  • Post watch questions
  • Discussion. Video or chat (up to you)

Bring pen and paper to write down your notes!

PS. Popcorn is recommended 🍿

What if I don’t want to talk?

That’s cool. You don’t have to.

We take an extra effort into making sure everyone feels comfortable. You don’t have to talk or turn your camera on if you don’t feel comfortable with doing so. The chat is available and you can also interact via emojis!

We use MeetButter to host these sessions and it’s super fun 🥳

Next Watch Party: Get a Whiff of This by Sandi Metz

Join us next November 27th, 2021 to watch Sandi Metz’s talk Get a Whiff of This:

Most code is a mess. Most new requirements change existing code. Ergo, much our work involves altering imperfect code.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that every big mess consists of many small ones. Certain small problems occur so frequently that they’ve been given names, and are collectively known as “Code Smells”.

This talk shows how to take a pile of perplexing code, identify the “smells”, and surgically apply the curative refactorings. It breaks a messy problem into clear-cut pieces, and proves that you can fix anything without being forced to understand everything.

How to Join the Watch Party 🎊


All of the hexdevs events follow the hexdevs Code of Conduct.

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Previous Watch Parties

  • November 27th, 2021: Sandi Metz’s RailsConf 2016 talk Get a Whiff of This.
  • October 30th, 2021: Ernesto Tagwerker’s RubyConf 20219 talk Escaping The Tar Pit.
  • August 28th, 2021: Jemma Issroff’s RailsConf 2021 talk A Day in the Life of a Ruby Object.
  • July 24th, 2021: Sandi Metz’s talk Polly want a message.
  • June 12th, 2021: Justin Gordon’s Rails Conf 2021 talk Implicit to Explicit: Decoding Ruby’s Magical Syntax.