In the previous episode, I shared why I decided to choose an audience that I belong to: Rails Developers. Recently, I took a small detour from my 30x500 journey. This detour is what I’ll be talking more about on this episode!

Let’s go!

Spark your Runway with FIRE

Two weeks ago, I published a guide called Spark your Runway with FIRE! It’s a pay-what-you-want guide about building up your runway so you can go independent on your own products, sooner. I share how I did that by following FIRE - financial independence retire early principles.

Let me share a bit about the motivations behind this decision.

Even though I share updates here every 2 weeks, I was feeling like I could be doing more.

All my previous experiences showed me that I learn by doing and getting feedback. Thinking, planning, making sure every thing is perfect are my ‘feel good’ tasks. It gives me a false sensation of progress, when in fact is my way of procrastinating.

So, for February I had set the goal of selling $100 in digital products. It might not seem too much, but it was a good start for me. I’d need to stretch myself and ship something! It was about time.

I’ve been doing a Weekly Review every Sunday since September last year. On the last week of February, I had to face reality: I hadn’t even started putting something together to sell.

So, my choices were: either give up or give all my best to try something with the time I had available.

Well, I decided to give myself a try. Of course, I had no clues of what could be done. I went to sleep that Sunday night and asked myself how I could make it happen.

It’s Monday evening. I followed my intuition to write about something that I know a lot about: my FIRE journey. I started drafting some notes on Tuesday and I shipped the guide on Friday!

I didn’t cross the $100 mark but you might have noticed that it wasn’t only about the amount. I needed to do this. I’d feel like my self-confidence practice was a waste of my time. I needed to try and see what would happen.

So far, I got 2 testimonials, 1 written feedback, 1 call with a customer, 67 customers in total, and 77 Canadian dollars in revenue.

The best part, though, is that I added another brick to my confidence wall. I also have way more motivation to improve the guide because I have customers (!!!!).

I’m adding more things, talking to my customers and asking for feedback. It’s great.

This wasn’t my 30x500 project but I applied the same principles I’m learning there. Start small, serve an audience you belong to, keep shipping. One brick at a time.

Biggest lesson learned: I had only one week to figure out a way to make $100. I guess I showed you an example of Parkinson’s Law. It says that “Work expands to fill the time available for its completion”.

I mean, look at all the amazing things that I learned by giving it a try!

I’d also like to mention that being around people that inspire me helped a lot. Blogging for Devs and Indie Women are great communities. I got some ideas, and lots of support.

What’s next

I’ve finished reviewing the guide with my English teacher. I will publish the newest version this Friday. I wanted to improve the writing a bit. Rather than hiring an editor to review the guide for me, I booked some lessons with her instead. Another long-term investment!

For March, my goal is to achieve my next milestone, while also focusing on my 30x500 work!

I’m putting together a Runway Calculator and Tracker to help with my March goals. More on that soon. You can sign up for my email list on Gumroad or follow me anywhere to get updates, if you’d like!

If you want to live a life you’ve never lived, you’ve to do things you’ve never done. Jen Sincero

I didn’t realize before publishing the guide. But I was able to summarize lots of FIRE resources & principles into a short PDF. I’m learning a lot about myself during this process and I’m helping people achieve their financial goals.

That’s it for today! I hope you got something useful from this episode. May you be inspired to do something different this week!

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Thanks for listening. See you in 2 weeks!

Spark your Runway with FIRE

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