Welcome to the 3rd episode of Dev to Founder!

In the latest episode, I forgot to share a huge milestone to me. As you may remember, I was doing CBT - Cognitive Behavior Therapy sessions. My therapist said I don’t need regular sessions anymore! This is big news and it’s incredible to see how much I learned with those sessions.

I still have lots of automatic negative thoughts but trust me, having the techniques that help me handle them on my own is priceless.

This reminds me of some situations where we think we don’t need help, maybe because we have other important things to do at the moment. But why keep suffering if there’s something you can do today to make your life happier?

Okay, personal insights shared, moving on!

Starting again

The reason why I mentioned my Therapy updates is because I decided to apply the same to my business purposes.

I am fully aware that living off my own work is not straightforward. There are lots of uncertainties.

But then, I asked myself: if I can get as much guidance as I can, and decrease the chances of messing up because of my own insecurities, why not look for help?

Being strategic on how I am going to transition from Dev to Founder is important to me. I don’t mind failing lots of times. I do mind spending my time and money creating something no one wants to buy.

That’s why I decide to join 30x500 Academy, a 12 week program by Stacking the Bricks. If there are other people out there that can at least say “hey, don’t follow this direction”, why not listen to their experience?

So, I am currently at the second week of the course and I am resetting my goals. I am not going with Shopify anymore. And the plant-based diet club is going to be a side project, because it’s something that I deeply care about. However I am fully aware is going to take some time to grow my audience with it.

This decision came after doing the first week of the course, where we learn how to choose an audience to start with. Shopify merchants is not my audience, and the plant-based diet club is not targeting an audience at all. I learned that plant-based, vegan are a demographic, and it’s super hard to target a demographic. So it’s easier to pick an audience I belong to.

From now on, The Plant-Based Diet Club is going to be a side project where I am trying to only spend a few hours per week on. It’s my passion and I can see it growing in the future but it’s not smart to put my efforts into it at this moment.

So where am I at right now?

I chose my audience: back-end developers. Now I am using Sales Safari market research to explore the pains my audience has. What they need, want and buy.

Wrapping up

To quote Einstein:

If I had an hour to solve a problem and my life depended on it, I would spend the first 55 minutes determining the problem and five minutes thinking about the solution.

That’s it for today! I know I missed last week episode but this is a process that I decided to not rush. I am taking my time. I didn’t leave my job to have a hard time figuring things on my own!

Thanks for listening. See you in 2 weeks!

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