Climb your Way Up to Senior Ruby Dev with Fabiano Beselga

Fabiano Beselga is a Staff Software Engineer with several years of experience in making a business successful through leadership and technology.

Fabiano was the CTO and cofounder of Magnetis, one of the fastest growing Brazilian fintech startups. He was the CTO of Shore, and is currently designing the technical career track as a Staff Engineer at Kaia Health.

In this session, we talked about how to Get to Senior as a mid-career Ruby Developer. How to develop a healthy level of self-promotion, and talk with your manager or team lead.

Fabiano answered the following questions:

  • How do I know if I am ready to ask for a promotion?
  • Engineering paths: Individual Contributors vs Engineering Managers. What’s the difference?
  • Should I just keep doing great work and expect my manager to notice me?
  • How to get instructive feedback during 1:1s?

Other people also asked their career questions live.

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