Send this letter to your boss!

Dear Boss,

I’m deeply interested in investing in my career growth and becoming a master of solving impactful business problems as a Ruby developer.

As a professional, I want to be as effective as possible and provide more and more value to our business. I want to lead important projects, deliver high-quality features and do highly impactful work. Own a codebase and build a great reputation. Be someone other developers look up to and want to work with.

Those are my main professional goals!

That’s why I am asking for a license for the Get to Senior - Serious Plan.

Get to Senior is a program from hexdevs that helps experienced Ruby developer improve their skills. Every module is designed to help developers (just like me) to be more effective at:

  • Identifying and solving the right business problems
  • Supporting the team so we can all be more effective
  • Creating a good environment for others to grow

By enrolling in the next Get to Senior Cohort, I will feel challenged, motivated, and supported. I will be practicing the same strategies other respected developers have successfully applied when they made the jump to Senior level.

hexdevs has been helping the Ruby community by sharing tools, exercises, and guides to support thousands of Ruby developers who want to take their careers to the next level.

I really need this.

If you’d like to support my growth as a developer and increase the quality of our Engineering practices, please click here to learn more and purchase a license for me:

They offer team discounts when you purchase licenses for the entire team if you’re interested in saving some money.

Please reply if you’ve got questions. I’d love to talk about this more. Otherwise, I look forward to starting the course as soon as possible.


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